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Surrey Waterline Replacement

There are so many situations that could be a sign that your water line is damaged and in need of replacement, such as:

  • Slow water pressure

  • Water discoloration

  • Water pooling in yard

  • Water bill increases

  • And many more...

While some pipes can simply be repaired, there are many issues that call for a complete replacement of the waterline, such as:

  • Root damage

  • Breaks in the pipe

  • Leaks

  • And more!

​Whatever the matter, our team of experienced waterline professionals can provide you with expert assistance and help determine the best way to proceed with your waterline repairs.

We offer water line replacements and installations specially suited to your specific home needs. We can repair or replace your waterline via many methods including:

  • Machine Excavation​

  • Trenchless

Our machine excavator and operators are incredibly knowledgeable in successfully replacing waterlines in a timely and smooth manner. We also replace many waterlines via our trenchless pipe repair methods. This method is timely and minimally invasive. 

Find out the best method to replace your waterline and give us a call at 604 619 8521. Our crews can provide you with a quick, no obligation quote catered to your specific waterline needs!

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