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Is your drainage system ready for Vancouver’s rainy season? With routine cleaning and maintenance from Crush Plumbing and Drainage , you can avoid the headache of a flooded basement and the major expense of a drainage back-up. Our professionals recommend that you clean your home drains at least once a year to keep them running smoothly.

Protect your home’s foundation, drywall, flooring, furniture and other valuable assets with drain tile cleaning in the Lower Mainland from Crush. Our skilled technicians understand how to maintain and repair these important systems that collect and redirect water away from your home. Regular maintenance is essential to ensure there is no structural damage or blockages due to land settling or root growth. Stay completely clog-free with Crush! For more information on Drain tile systems click here! or drainage jetting click here!

Be able to fully understand the quality and appearance of your drain tile system. Here at Crush, our equipment allows us to go into the drain tile and show video to be able to accurately locate any areas that need further assistance. To accurately diagnose the best solution to your drainage problem or problems our drain specialists use the highest quality drainage inspection equipment to perform a drain inspection. For more information on Drain Inspection click here!

No matter how well you take care of your drainage and sewer systems sometimes the job requires the drain to be repaired or replaced. After our drainage system inspection we will recommend the appropriate repair or new drain lines that meets your needs.

  • Perimeter drain repair – Perimeter drains become clogged with roots and debris as your storm water flows through the perimeter drainage system. If debris or roots have damage the perimeter drainage system we will recommend the best way to perform your perimeter drain repair.

Click here for more information on Drainage and Sewer Repair and Replacement

If you need a sewer installation to replace an old septic tank or drainage installations for a new home, Crush Plumbing and Drainage has your solution. We tackle sewer installs and drainage system installation in the Lower Mainland . In fact, we can let you know if a new drainage system is needed with a comprehensive inspection. For more information on new Installation click here!

Your home’s pipes may be accumulating debris and materials that will eventually create a clog that can damage your pipes and even your home. Crush Plumbing and Draining provides a safe, simple, and reliable method to clean your pipes called hydro jetting. For more information on Sewer Jetting click here!

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