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Frequently Asked Questions About Disposals

Q: I always get bad odors from my disposal. Is there something I can do to eliminate these odors?

A: Try the following:

  1. Run HOT water down the disposal for a couple minutes

  2. Shut water off and pour about a half cup of baking soda down the disposal

  3. Follow with a little white vinegar

  4. Allow the solution to foam in the disposal.  This will clean the disposal and eliminate smells.

  5. Citrus fruit, such as lemon or orange peelings, put through the disposal will also help clean the disposal and it will make your kitchen smell good, too.


If none of these solutions work, give us a call and we will service or replace the disposal unit.

Q: Is having a garbage disposal on a septic tank system okay?

A: Yes, there is no reason not to have a garbage disposal on a septic tank system.

The newer garbage disposals on the market are more quiet and powerful and will help the finer chopped food debris to be flushed away easier.


Give us a call about the new line of disposals on the market.

Q: My disposal quit working. Is there anything I can do to fix my garbage disposal?
  • If there is no sound or hum from the disposal, press the red “Reset” button on the bottom of the disposal unit.

  • If the disposal does not start, check the electrical panel to see if the breaker has tripped.

  • If the disposal hums but the cutter is not turning, something has probably jammed the blades. You can attempt to free the blades by using an allen wrench to turn the cutter flywheel from the bottom of the disposal.

  • If none of these solutions work, give us a call and we will service or replace the disposal unit.

Q: What can I put down the garbage disposal?

Food scraps, scrapings from your plates or pans, and some peelings should safely go through the garbage disposal.

When operating your disposal, follow these precautions:

  • Start running the water first, then drop your peelings down the disposal.

  • Continue running lots of water while putting anything down your disposal, and then continue running water for 20-30 seconds after disposing is complete and disposal is shut off.

  • The purpose for running all that water is to carry all of the ground up material from the kitchen drain (1 ½” – 2” diameter) to the 4” building sewer line, which may be 30-40 feet away.


Consider the condition and age of your drain system:

  • In new construction, the piping is likely ABS plastic, the fittings are smoother, and the grade is better, which allows the material from the disposal to be carried away much easier.

  • Many older homes were plumbed with Cast Iron or Galvanized pipes and are more prone to buildup and spots that may clog. Additionally, if the disposal is old, the cutters and parts may be worn and the grinding of material may be inadequate.

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