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Frequently Asked Questions About Sewer Lines

Q: How can Crush help with my slow sewer lines?

A: Give us a call and schedule a maintenance service to run through and clean all the drains in the house at once, and get those drains running smoothly and without odors.

Q: How do I know if my sewer line is the reason for frequent backups?

A: If you are experiencing frequent backups with your sewer line, we can run our Super Cam down the line for a video inspection to see if there are roots, a break, or a bad joint or connection in your sewer line.

With our video inspection, we can locate the problem and pinpoint the exact area and depth to excavate and repair the line. This inspection saves our customers time and money in solving the problem by eliminating the guess work of locating the problem.

If you are experiencing frequent backups, give us a call to schedule a video inspection.

Q: Why does water bubble up in the toilet and tub when I run my washer?
  • The sewer line may be older from the building to the city main or your septic tank system may be having problems causing your sewer line to have a buildup of soap and grease.

  • The line may be restricted by roots growing in the line, a break in the line, a bad joint or connection, a low spot in the line, or foreign objects flushed down the system.  Our big drain cleaning machine (Super Snake), with the proper size of cable and cutting head, can remove all the roots and buildup.

Schedule a drain cleaning maintenance today as a practical solution to keeping your drains free flowing.

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