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Symptoms of a Broken Water Line

Sometimes a broken water line or a leak in the water main can go unnoticed during the winter and early spring because the yard is wet or covered with snow. However, once it starts to dry out, watch out for obvious signs of a broken pipe:

  • Look for areas of your yard that stay damp and mushy.

  • Check your water bill if it’s consistently higher than normal.

  • Shut off the water valve inside your home and check the water meter. If it moves at all, then your water main is broken.

If you need water main maintenance or a new water main, Crush’s drainage and sewer experts can handle the job.

How To Fix

With a quick inspection, we will be able to determine the exact location of the break and the depth of the pipe at the break. Once we know what we are dealing with, we would excavate down to the break and cut out the broken pipe and replace with new pipe. After the repair is complete, we bed the pipe in sand to make sure no rocks are around which will prevent another break in the near future. We would then carefully back fill the hole and tamp on the way up to make sure the ground is as hard as possible to minimise any shifts to the pipe. 

Why We Excavate and Not Pipe Pulls

When you do a pipe pull, a bursting head leads the way and pulls a new pipe in behind. In theory, this should be a good alternative to excavating, but in reality the bursting heads are known to hit rocks, and become stuck, causing an excavation. The bursting head can also run into other water lines, gas lines, electrical lines or any other lines in its path. As the bursting head does not have a camera or any technology in it, they are extremely unreliable and tend to cause more damage than they repair