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Drain Inspection

Prevent minor issues from becoming major problems with sewer and drainage inspections from the professionals at Crush Plumbing and Drainage. All drains and drain pipes will become clogged over time and require regular inspections and maintenance to ensure performance. Using the latest in advanced closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras, our drainage inspectors can quickly find blockages and provide detailed, full-colour images from inside your pipes.

Inspect Sewers & Drainage Systems

The goal of our sewer and drainage system inspections is to prolong the life of your drainage components and prevent potentially costly emergency repairs. While we do offer 24-7 emergency service in Surrey and the Lower Mainland, we would prefer to save you money by preventing problems from happening. Regular drain and sewer inspections are essential to maintaining safe and consistent operations.

Why Use CCTV Cameras?

Video camera inspections allow us to quickly and accurately diagnose any problems inside your pipes and drains including blockages, damage and even potential future issues. Any build-up of dirt or debris can be clearly seen. In fact, our advanced systems allow us to pan or tilt to give close-up pictures and 360 degree views.

Crush is capable of inspecting more than just large bore drains and sewers. Mini, explosion-proof cameras have been developed that allow a remote camera to travel within a pipe of only 1” or 25 millimeters in internal diameter. Pipes up to 24” or 600 millimeters can be inspected using larger camera systems. Our CCTV cameras can travel to 300 metres or nearly 1,000 feet!

Are you overdue for an inspection? Schedule service today and extend the life of your system.

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