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Frequently Asked Questions About Noisy Pipes

Q: Sometimes I hear clanging or rattling sound under my house. What is that?
  • The clanging sound is caused by the copper water supply piping under you house and it is called “water hammer,” which is caused by the valves closing on the line.

  • The rattling noise of pipes is  caused by copper piping not being properly supported under your house and is probably coming in contact with the wood joists or flooring under the house.

  • We can install a “Hammer Arrester” on the pipes which will eliminate that clanging sound.  If the piping is old, we can also replace that copper piping with plastic Pex water supply piping that is more efficient and quiet.

  • If you’ve got clanking, clanging or rattling under your house, give us a call and we will quiet those pipes for you.

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