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Frequently Asked Questions About Water Pressure

Q: When the water pressure just won't do

A:  Whatever your water pressure problem, our journeyman plumbers are equipped with a solution. Contact us and we will be there to get you some real water pressure.

Q: When we take a shower, why does the water pressure go way down when someone else turns on a faucet or flushes a toilet?


  • This problem is usually caused by the shower valve being a non-pressure balanced shower valve. The solution is to install a pressure balance shower valve.  This usually happens in older homes with older plumbing.

  • Newer homes all have these pressure balancing shower valves installed.

If you have an older home with low water pressure when taking a shower and someone flushes a toilet, give us a call and we will install the a pressure balance shower valve.

Q: Why does my kitchen faucet not have very much water pressure?

A: Each situation is unique and varies from the next, some possibilities may include:

  • Your faucet may have a plugged aerator.  You can remove the end of your faucet and clean out the little screen, then replace tightly back onto the faucet.

  • If you still have no water pressure, the water supply line could have a kink in it, or possibly the supply valve under the sink is not turned all the way on.

  • Depending on the type of piping, you could have a mineral buildup in your galvanized pipes, or with the newer piping types, you could have sand or gravel in the line from a well.

  • Sometimes the problem can only be remedied by re-piping the water supply lines under the house.

If your kitchen faucet has no water pressure, give us a call and we will come over to get your water pressure back up.

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