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Hot Water Tank Installation

When you need water heater repair or replacement for your home or business call Crush Plumbing and Drainage to discuss our hot water tank service.

If your hot water tank fails you will notice immediately. Avoid the headaches and costly repairs that are common when a hot water heater fails by calling us today. We provide professional services and will be able to see if the issue can be repaired. If a repair is not the right answer we will suggest the right solution for a new hot water tank installation.

How A Hot Water Tank Works

The basics of how your hot work tank works are:

  • Cold water is fed into the tank.

  • The water inside the tank is heated by a heating element or the burner, depending on how your hot water tank is powered.

  • There is a thermostat inside that regulates the temperature of the water.

  • As the water is heated up pressure builds in the hot water tank.

  • When you turn on your hot water tap the pressure in the hot water tank is released and sends the hot water into the pipes and out of the faucet.

Signs Your Hot Water Tank Needs Repair or Replacing

Here are a few signs that your hot water tank needs repair or replacing if it has not already failed:

  • Your hot water is not as hot as it use to be.

  • The hot water tank is leaking.

  • The plumbing connections are corroded or rusty.

  • The hot water tank age. Electric hot water heaters can last 8-10 years however gas hot water heaters last only 6-8 years.

  • Sediment has built up in the hot water tank through poor maintenance and it can no longer be flushed.

Why Replace Your Hot Water Tank

If there are any of the signs your hot water tank is failing listed above it is time to replace your hot water tank. Delaying its replacement can be costly.

  • The hot water tank could burst causing damage to your home.

  • If there is no floor drain for the water to escape if the hot water tank leaks or bursts it will flood the area it is in.

  • The tank could fail at the most in appropriate time like during the night, on the weekend or on a holiday when you will have to call in a service tech at a premium cost. Plus the premium cost of a restoration company if their services are also required.

You may also consider replacing your hot water tank as a preventive measure, before disaster strikes.

  • New hot water tanks are much more efficient than older ones.

  • New hot water tanks are built to keep the water hot longer through better insulation.

  • You can save on your energy costs to run the hot water tank.

Hot Water Tank Information Required

Before you call, it would be helpful if you could find the following information about your hot water tank. There should be a nameplate on the water heater with some of the following information:

  • Does your hot water tank run on electricity or gas?

  • Where in the house/building is the hot water tank located?

  • What is the brand and model number of your hot water tank?

  • What size is your hot water tank?

  • What is the date of manufacture?

Call Crush today for your free estimate to repair or replace your hot water tank.

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