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Frequently Asked Questions About Toilets

Q: Get a Crush toilet tune-up to assure your toilet is working properly

A: We service all toilets and give them a “Toilet Tune-Up,” where we will check for leaks and make sure all the parts of the toilet are working correctly.

Give us a call today to book one.

Q: When I flush the toilet, everything does not clear out of the bowl?

A: There can be several reasons for a toilet not flushing properly:

  • There may not be enough water moving from the tank to the bowl to clear it out, or the fill valve in the tank is not adjusted correctly.

  • The siphon jets under the edge of the bowl may be clogged with hard water deposits and may be restricting the amount of water flowing to the bowl.

  • There also may be an object stuck in the toilet, blocking the bowl from clearing.

If your toilet bowl is not clearing when you flush, give us a call and we will find out why.

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